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Hide Chat Content & more!

Our latest Ciphr Text release 8000-2660 is full of new privacy-focused features and fixes! There are 3 features we are particularly excited to announce:

1. “Hide Chat Content” feature

Ciphr Text users now can now hide or reveal messages for additional privacy. Messages being hidden or revealed can be set as a default, but users can also manually hide or reveal messages of their choice. To do so, users can swipe left, or long press and tap the “eye” icon in the top menu.

Hide Chat Content 1.png

Hide Chat Content 2.png

2. Support for @-references (mentions)

When messaging in groups, users can now tag and mention other group members.



3. Expiration for regular group chats

An expiry time can now also be set for regular groups chats, in addition to zero-knowledge group chats.

New Group.png

New Group Results.png

Ciphr Announcements Feature

We are very excited that our new Ciphr Announcements feature will launch soon! Ciphr users will receive direct messages from our certified Ciphr account.

Users do not need to add Ciphr as a contact in order to receive messages. Ciphr Announcements will automatically arrive in your Ciphr Text chat screen.

It is currently not possible to reply to Ciphr within the Ciphr Announcements feature. Users will be able to mute the Ciphr messages, as well as temporarily deleting the chat.

The Ciphr Announcements feature will inform users of various items such as new app features, system changes and any other important Ciphr news.

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