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Guiding Principles

Learn about the overarching principles that govern the development of all Ciphr technologies.

No backdoor

There is nothing that Ciphr has or knows that can be effectively used to decrypt user generated messages and content.

User controlled keys

Private keys are generated by the user.

Self Destructing Messages

Control who has access to sent messages and for how long.


No data touches Ciphr servers in an unencrypted format.


Learn about some of the unique properties that comprise the Ciphr cryptosystem.


Advanced protocols and cryptographic schemes ensure that the information security properties of the service will hold true even against the cryptanalytic attacks enabled by quantum computers.


The award-winning Argon2 hash provides resistance to offline, brute-force attacks against any user data-at-rest on endpoint devices and Ciphr servers.

Advanced Axolotl

Improvements upon the well established Axolotl protocol, provide first class information security properties even in a post-quantum scenario.

Secure Endpoints

Ciphr servers are accessible only by VPN, and leverage a strict TLS configuration and pinned certificates. By doing so, we protect against attacks such as Heartbleed or BEAST, and the compromise of certificate authorities.


Learn about the some interesting feature highlights of the Ciphr software and deployments.

Low-latency High-availability Network

Servers and software implement custom protocols aimed at providing responsive message delivery, even when connected to low-bandwidth, high-latency mobile networks.

MDM Compatibility

Integration with industry leading mobile-device-management technologies facilitates additional privacy layers such as persistent VPN connections and secured device endpoints.

Secure Backup

Optional encrypted backups of your Ciphr contacts and notes.

Encrypted Media

Text messages, images and voice are shared and stored securely.

The Ciphr team is committed to expanding whats possible at the technological intersection of digital privacy and productivity.
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