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Ciphr Vault FAQs

What can I store in Ciphr Vault?

Ciphr Vault keeps notes and photos protected using AES-256 encryption within Ciphr's encrypted container. Ciphr Vault is designed to keep notes and images organized with folders, search, and sorting. Notes and photos can be shared easily through Ciphr Text and Ciphr Mail.

What is Ciphr Vault?

Ciphr Vault is a secure storage app for notes and images. Secure and organize your notes and images stored in Ciphr Vault for added protection beyond your device security.

Protect digital assets like notes and photos with AES-256 encryption.

Is Ciphr Vault easy to use?

Yes! Ciphr Vault has organizational features to make storing and finding your notes and images as easy as possible.

Folders are a great way to keep your notes organized within Ciphr Vault. You can create as many folders as you need and create folders within folders for better organization. Images are stored separately in the Gallery within Ciphr Vault.

There are also useful features in Ciphr Vault such as the ability to Search, Sort, Drag & Drop items, and Change View.

Want to learn more about Ciphr?

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