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Ciphr Text FAQs

What is a Zero-Knowledge Group?

Zero-Knowledge Groups make the contacts of that group chat anonymous. A group administrator can add up to 25 contacts to a Zero-Knowledge Group. When contacts are added, they are given a randomized alias used only in that group (ex: aliases may be Foxtrot, Whiskey, Romeo). Zero-Knowledge Groups are only available in Ciphr Text.

What is Ciphr Text?

Ciphr Text is a secure messaging & calling app, with more than just end-to-end encryption. Ciphr Text is protected with Ciphr’s unique protocol, Post-Quantum Elliptic Curve Cryptography (PQ-ECC), meaning user data is protected both now and when quantum computers become available.

The app includes various features that make communication easy, such as Voicenotes and Redact & Revise. There are also privacy-focused features such as Hide Message Preview, which hides the preview of messages in the chat screen.

In addition to PQ-ECC, Ciphr Text enables private conversations with security protocols including Perfect Forward Secrecy, User-Controlled Keys and Composite Key Brute-Force Protection.

What happens when I edit messages with Redact & Revise in Ciphr Text?

Sent a message but made a mistake? Ciphr Text has a Redact & Revise feature, meaning you can edit a message after it has been sent. Note that only the original author of the message is authorized to edit it. When editing messages, security is not compromised in any way.

What is Ciphr’s Private Clipboard?

You can now protect your data from malware that targets operating system clipboards with a Private Clipboard used only inside the Ciphr app. When enabled, the Private Clipboard ensures that all data copied to the clipboard can only paste within the Ciphr app.

Operating system clipboards, like Android’s in particular, have been popular targets for malware attacks. Since we tend to copy and paste only important information for sharing or storing, taking clipboard security seriously can strengthen your data security.

The Private Clipboard is available in Ciphr Text, Ciphr Mail and Ciphr Vault.

What is the Hide From Ciphr Lite Users toggle?

Ciphr Lite and Ciphr Text users are able to communicate with one another. However, Ciphr Text users have the option to prevent Ciphr Lite users from adding them as a contact.

Is Ciphr Calling available?

Ciphr Calling is now available! Users can place one-to-one voice calls via Ciphr Text and Ciphr Lite. Video calling will be released in Fall 2021, with both encrypted voice and video calls able to have up to 6 participants.

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