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Ciphr Lite FAQs

How do I get Ciphr Lite?

Ciphr Lite is available for free on both mobile and desktop!

For mobile: Ciphr Lite Android is available for free download in the Google Play Store in select countries. Ciphr Lite iOS beta is also available in Apple’s Test Flight.

For desktop: Ciphr Lite is available on desktop (Windows, MacOS and Linux) and can be downloaded from our Ciphr Lite page.

What Operating System should my device have for Ciphr Lite?

Ciphr Lite is available on devices running Android 8 and later.

If I'm not sharing personal information on Ciphr Lite, how do people find and add me?

Your Ciphr ID (CID) is a randomly generated identifier assigned to your account and cannot be changed once activated. CIDs are used for adding contacts. You can also set a custom alias, which is a username your contacts can see instead of your CID.

Is there a way to backup Ciphr Lite? What happens if I delete the app? Can I retrieve the data I had?

No. Currently, there is no backup feature for Ciphr Lite. This feature is only available with Ciphr Text, Ciphr Mail, and Ciphr Vault and is limited to certain types of data. If you delete the Ciphr Lite app, your password and local data are gone, and the account isn't recoverable.

Can I message Ciphr Text users from Ciphr Lite?

Yes! You can message both Ciphr Text and Ciphr Lite users with Ciphr Lite. To add a Ciphr Text user to your contacts, they must have enabled communication with Ciphr Lite users via their app settings .

Does Ciphr have a premium offering?

Ciphr’s paid subscription includes Ciphr Text, Ciphr Mail, and Ciphr Vault with unlocked access to premium security and communication features. Ciphr’s paid subscription is available from official Ciphr Partners and bundled as one subscription.

Ciphr Lite is a limited-feature version of Ciphr Text only.

Want to learn more about Ciphr?

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