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What is a CID?

Your CID is your unique Ciphr ID number assigned to your account. Because Ciphr does not collect personal information like emails, phone numbers, or names to activate accounts, CIDs are used for adding contacts and can only be changed by activating a new account. It's like a "phone number" for your account.

If you have Ciphr Text and Ciphr Lite, you will have two different CIDs.

What is an Alias?

The Alias is a username you can set for yourself in Ciphr Text and Ciphr Lite that is visible to your contacts.

How do I delete the data from my apps?

In Ciphr Text and Ciphr Lite, you can delete all messages in all chats from the app menu by clicking "Delete All Chats". This will not erase your contacts.

In Ciphr Mail, you can delete all emails in all folders from the app menu by clicking "Delete all messages". This will not erase your contacts.

In Ciphr Vault, you can delete the contents of your entire app requiring you to reset your password.

To delete your encrypted cloud backup, go to the Settings menu in Ciphr Text. Select Backup and then Delete Backup.

If I stop using Ciphr, when does my account get deleted?

Your account is deleted 14 days after your subscription expires. This will require you to activate a new CID in the future. If you delete the Ciphr app, all data contained in the Ciphr app is deleted.

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