Secure collaboration made easy

Welcome to your secure workplace. Ciphr Desktop’s world-leading data security features help your team collaborate confidently.

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A more secure way to communicate

Encrypted conference calls

Powerful end-to-end encryption protects every conference call on Ciphr Desktop. Keys are controlled on your device to ensure only you and your authorized contacts can join calls.

Secure messaging & email

Collaborate with your team in private messages, group chats, and emails in a secure environment. Share files and images with the same protection as your conversations.

Protected notes & images

Create, organize and share notes within Ciphr Desktop, protecting them with leading encryption protocols.
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The most secure
video calls

More ways to collaborate with powerful security.
Video calls on Ciphr Desktop are end-to-end encrypted for trusted

Ciphr Desktop

More than just end-to-end encryption
  • PQ-ECC Messaging
  • ECC-P256 Calling
  • Composite Key
  • AES-256
  • High Availability Network
  • Prometheus Monitoring
  • Metadata Control
  • TLS
Post-Quantum Cryptography
Ciphr puts security first, which is why we proactively protect our users from data security risks. With Ciphr Desktop, your messages are already protected from future quantum attacks with PQ-ECC.
Composite Key Brute-Force Protection
Ciphr's Composite Key provides brute-force protection whether your device is online or offline. Unique to Ciphr, this feature provides the strongest defence against brute-force attacks.

Want to host
Ciphr Desktop yourself?

Self-Hosted TURN, STUN and SFU

Deploy any standards-compliant TURN, STUN and SFU servers to enable P2P and centralized Ciphr Desktop calling.

Self-hosted S3 Object Storage

Host encrypted Ciphr Desktop attachments with your S3-compatible object store for full control over access and retention policies.

Kubernetes Helm Chart

Create and scale infrastructure to support your Ciphr Desktop users by installing our Helm Charts into an existing Kubernetes cluster.

Ciphr Desktop is coming soon.

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