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Why you need a Self-Destructing Message App

The Rise of Self-Destructing Text Messages

Self-destructing messages started to make their presence in chat apps around 10 years ago. Now, they have exploded across all kinds of communication apps.

The concept is simple. Messages can be set to self-destruct after the message is read or after a pre-determined amount of time passes.

Also known as ephemeral messaging or burn messaging, it introduced the world to a unique new concept: freedom from the permanence of digital communication.

With the popularity of online communications growing among both private and corporate users, it’s important to recognize the security benefits of self-destructing messages.


What Ephemeral Messaging Apps Can Do for You

Private consumers are the early and most prominent adopters of self-destructing messaging apps. The reason for that is simple. Disappearing messages are private and they give users control over their data. This is especially attractive in a time when control is dwindling over digital content and its distribution.

Ephemeral messaging lets you send messages that are private to friends and colleagues without fear that widespread copies will come back to haunt you in the future. If you’re not interested in having sensitive pieces of information available forever, look for an app with self-destructing messages.

Consider the different types of information we share through messaging apps. I'm sure you have sent information like this recently. The question is - have you forgotten to delete those messages?

  • Contact information
  • Images
  • Passwords
  • Identification
  • Business details
  • Locations
  • Financial information

The list goes on. Setting messages to self-destruct can help you keep critical details private.


Ciphr's Self-Destructing Messaging Feature

Ciphr's self-destructing messaging feature gives users control over their data. You get to decide how long a message lives on your or anyone else’s device.

How does it work?

  • Start by sending an email from Ciphr Mail or a message from Ciphr Text.
  • When composing your email or message, select the length of time you will allow the content to be accessible.
  • The data from the message is encrypted, sent to the recipient and viewed on their device.
  • When the time limit is reached, the message or email is deleted from the recipient contact's Ciphr and is no longer accessible.

Ciphr lets you select a default burn time for messages and emails so that you don't have to select a burn time for each outgoing message.

As a secure communication app, Ciphr combines many features for enabling safe and private conversations. Self-destructing messages are only one piece of the puzzle.

Top-grade encryption, total control over encryption keys, solid brute-force protection and powerful communication features puts you back in control of your privacy.

Learn more about Ciphr Text and Ciphr Mail.

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