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Technology & Privacy Issues with Digital Communications

Technological advancements have changed many aspects of human life. We now live in a world where space and time are not as big a problem as they previously were. Technology has led to us being able to interact with people no matter what time it is or where they are located.

A huge development that changed the way we communicate was the invention of the Internet. It’s hard to deny that communication has become quicker and easier since the start of the World Wide Web. The Internet can be seen as a world within itself. It provides such a broad range of capabilities, and our “real world” has quickly incorporated the Internet into everyday life. For example, many of us are reliant upon our smartphones to provide us with information such as Maps & directions, or hooked on social media platforms such as Twitter or Facebook.

Although the Internet brings many positives into our life, it also brings negatives. Time is still needed in order to understand the consequences and impact that the Internet may have, and make sure that it continues to remain a positive force.

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Technology, and the Internet, as a problem-solver

Technology is a fantastic problem-solver. It can be used to make our lives easier, especially with communicating or getting things done. A good example is food technology, which helps us do many things such as grow, harvest and package food quicker. After all, food is necessary for us to survive and with a growing population, we need to keep up with the demand. Although the Internet isn’t providing us with sustenance in order to survive, it is still technology that solves problems, such as how to communicate with someone on the other side of the world, and therefore enhances our lives in a number of ways.

Bringing digital privacy discussions into the mass media

Despite all the positives about the Internet, privacy is a growing concern for many with an online presence. With a range of apps, passwords to many websites and all the other information we divulge about ourselves on the web, we’ve reached a time where users are starting to better understand potential privacy issues with how they are communicating. A great example is the Netflix documentary The Social Dilemma featuring many former Facebook and Google executives, covering many items such as the consequences of social networking. If you haven’t checked it out, we highly recommend it. The discussion about privacy and security issues with the Internet and the digital world is more complex than you might think once you scratch the surface, but it’s great that these issues are being raised in mass media forums such as Netflix.

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What can we do to protect our privacy?

Protecting our privacy, especially when communicating online, is correctly becoming increasingly understood as being important. One thing amongst many that is being suggested as a solution is end-to-end encrypted apps. But does this really help with protecting our privacy? It does - especially when you use world-leading, unique end-to-end encryption protocols and features such as protection against quantum attacks. Want to know more? This explanation will help you understand. Our main takeaway is to start educating yourself about digital privacy and security issues, and begin to take measures to protect your privacy.

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