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Ciphr Vault: Secure Storage App for Notes & Photos

Secure Storage App for Your Photos and Notes

Notes and photo albums are built-in to every smartphone on the market today. These simple and effective tools serve many functions and are used by billions of people from around the world on a daily basis.

We enter countless pieces of information into note apps to keep ourselves organized. We do so quickly and without much thought of when to dispose of it. Over a long period of time, we collect a library of private information and photos, leaving much of it exposed in the unfortunate event of a hack.

Consider for a moment the type of information people put into a note on any given day:

  • Passwords
  • Credit card numbers
  • Contact information
  • Travel details or flight numbers
  • Reservation codes
  • Pin numbers
  • Tasks & to-do lists
  • Meeting notes
  • Reminders
  • Plans


Photos hold more sensitive data than you might think as well. The most obvious pictures you’d want to keep safe are those of yourself and your loved ones. Although we live in the age social media, where constant sharing of intimate details flow freely, this does not mean you want your family pictures or special memories to be out of your control. There’s also pictures of ID cards, driver’s licenses and other sensitive documents you once took, all stored in a large collection of images that should be protected.

Of course, we also fill these apps with mundane information like grocery lists or pictures of a nice sunset. But how often does the sensitive information get buried into your notes app - forgotten to be deleted? Despite our best intentions, life is busy and things are forgotten.

Switching to a Secure Storage App

The popularity of personal note apps like Evernote, Google Docs or OneNote suggests that storage and organization are an essential part of how we manage our lives with technology. Although these are great consumer apps, they are not built for privacy-first storage of personal information.

Managing the security of your notes and photos is much more difficult when the data is stored on the app’s servers. There are undoubted benefits to productivity by accessing notes from the cloud, but it creates an unnecessary risk for people who value security over convenience.

As an answer to the privacy vs ease-of-access predicament, many apps now offer a secure solution for storing private notes and photos. The security and functionality of these apps can vary. When choosing a private storage provider, look for the one who adheres to the highest security standards and who will give you the most control over your own data.

We also like to think that combining your secure notes and image app with your secure communication apps helps you live in a more secure digital ecosystem.


Ciphr Gives Control Back to Users

Ciphr Vault is a secure storage app for your personal notes and photo albums. Organize all your small pieces of information behind the protection of AES-256 encryption - it’s really that simple.

  • Store images and notes of all kinds on your device
  • Drag & drop folders to stay organized
  • Delete, move and copy photos and notes
  • View as list / folder, sort and search at ease
  • Access at any time from your computer or other devices
  • Optional encrypted backup of notes from Ciphr
  • Share your notes and photos with other Ciphr contacts via Ciphr Mail or Ciphr Text

Ciphr Vault for Airtight Storage Safety

Ciphr Vault provides the safest environment for data storage without sacrificing functionality. Designed to keep sensitive information safe, the app implements leading-edge encryption and security protocols, including:

AES-256: the latest to arrive on the encryption scene, this protocol is also the safest with a 256 bits key length that would take an attacker over 10,000 years to decrypt.

SALT Hashing: by adding random data to encryption keys, Ciphr Vault prevents attackers from testing for known combinations to uncover users passwords.

Composite Key: while users keep half of their encryption keys, Ciphr stores the other half on encrypted servers, making it exponentially harder to brute-force attack the Ciphr Vault.

Alongside industry-leading encryption standards, Ciphr Vault also offers protection with auto lock timer, max unlock attempts, quick lock button and one-button instant delete of all Ciphr Vault data.

The app also includes these extra security features:

  • Password protected
  • Encrypted cloud backup for notes and contacts
  • Limited access
  • 2-factor authentication
  • Notes and images never stored on a centralized server (only stored on user’s device)
  • Zero-knowledge
  • Encrypted locally
  • Deter, prevent and correct security controls

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