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Introducing the Private Clipboard in Ciphr

Keep all the data copied to your clipboard inside your Ciphr app with the new Private Clipboard.

As part of our journey to always improve privacy and security for Ciphr users, we are introducing a Private Clipboard in the latest Ciphr update. You can now protect your data from malware targeting operating system clipboards with a Private Clipboard used only inside the Ciphr app. When enabled, the new feature ensures that all data copied to the clipboard can only paste within the Ciphr app.

Private Clipboard.png

No more use of OS clipboards.

Keeping your data within Ciphr is the best way to protect yourself. Using the Private Clipboard in Ciphr means you are no longer using your device's operating system clipboard. Relying on an external technology for copying and pasting puts the security of your data at risk.

Operating system clipboards, Android in particular, have been popular targets for malware attacks. Since we tend to copy and paste only important information for sharing or storing, taking clipboard security seriously can strengthen your data security.

The Private Clipboard is a secure alternative for Ciphr users.

No pasting outside of Ciphr.

The Private Clipboard doesn't allow you to paste information copied within your Ciphr app to anywhere outside of Ciphr. The feature adds an extra layer of protection against accidentally pasting information outside of Ciphr - where it may be less secure.

With the Private Clipboard enabled, attempting to paste outside of Ciphr will generate an error notice.

For those who prefer the flexibility to copy and paste in and out of the Ciphr apps, the feature can be turned Off in the Settings screen.

Copied data purges when the app locks.

When the Ciphr app locks, any data copied to Ciphr's Private Clipboard purges to ensure information isn't unnecessarily stored on the clipboard. There are a couple of reasons purging that data when the app locks is useful:

  • It helps to protect you from pasting incorrect information the next time you use the app and paste information.

  • It limits the amount of data stored within your Ciphr app (the most secure data is no data at all!).

With the Private Clipboard enabled, attempting to paste data will generate an error notice.

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Available in all Ciphr apps.

The new Private Clipboard feature is available in the latest version of Ciphr Text (9770), Ciphr Mail (19008), and Ciphr Vault (27500). In these versions, it is fixed as being On. In the next release, the settings page will be updated and users will be able to turn this feature On or Off.

Anything copied to the clipboard can be pasted across all Ciphr apps and when the Private Clipboard is turned on/off in any Ciphr app, the setting updates across each app.

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