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Introducing Ciphr Lite

Ciphr Team
April 22, 2021 - 2 min read

As part of our mission to offer a truly user-controlled communication app that makes digital privacy easier, Ciphr is excited to announce the launch of Ciphr Lite.

Ciphr Lite is an encrypted messaging & calling app, and a feature-limited version of Ciphr Text. Available from the Google Play App Store, Ciphr Lite gives you access to the next level of secure communication.

Ciphr Lite is currently available for Android (Android 8 or above). Ciphr Lite will be available for iOS in 2021.

As Ciphr Lite is the feature-limited version of Ciphr Text, the apps look and feel similar, and both provide world-leading security for messaging and calling. But you'll notice some major differences in Ciphr Lite including:

  • Contacts limited to 5 Ciphr Lite and 10 Ciphr Text
  • Limited Group Chats
  • No Composite Key Brute-Force Protection
  • No Zero-Knowledge Groups
  • No Backups
  • No Ciphr Partner support and services
  • No Ciphr Mail or Ciphr Vault

Check out the information below to see all of the differences.

Communication Features.png

Messaging Features.png

Calling Features.png

Security & Privacy Features.png

Account Features.png

Ciphr Partners Advantage.png

Download Ciphr Lite
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