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Introducing Ciphr Lite

As part of our mission to offer a truly user-controlled communication app that makes digital privacy easier, Ciphr is excited to announce the launch of Ciphr Lite.

Ciphr Lite is an encrypted messaging & calling app, and a feature-limited version of Ciphr Text. Available from the Google Play App Store, Ciphr Lite gives you access to the next level of secure communication.

Ciphr Lite is currently available for Android (Android 8 or above). Ciphr Lite will be available for iOS in 2021.

As Ciphr Lite is the feature-limited version of Ciphr Text, the apps look and feel similar, and both provide world-leading security for messaging and calling. But you'll notice some major differences in Ciphr Lite including:

  • Contacts limited to 10 Ciphr Lite and 10 Ciphr Text
  • Limited Group Chats
  • No Composite Key Brute-Force Protection
  • No Zero-Knowledge Groups
  • No Backups
  • No Ciphr Partner support and services
  • No Ciphr Mail or Ciphr Vault

Check out the information below to see all of the differences.

Communication Features
Ciphr Lite
Ciphr Text
Encrypted Mail
(Ciphr Mail)
Included with subscription
Encrypted Storage
(Ciphr Vault)
Included with subscription
Encrypted Messaging
Encrypted Voice Calling Up to 5 min. Unlimited voice call durations * Limited to WiFi unless user manages their own data
Encrypted Voice Notes Up to 15 sec. per voice note Up to 5 mins. per voice note
Contacts 10 Ciphr Lite contacts
10 Ciphr Text contacts
Unlimited Ciphr Lite & Ciphr Text contacts
Messaging Features
Ciphr Lite
Ciphr Text
Zero-Knowledge Groups
Up to 26 participants and unlimited groups
Group admin privileges
Cannot grant or be granted group admin privileges Can grant or be granted group admin privileges
Revise messages
Edit group chats names
Pin chats and groups
Pin important chats and groups so they remain at the top of your list
One-to-one messaging Unlimited Unlimited
Group messaging Up to 4 participants and 3 groups Up to 50 participants and unlimited groups
Burn messaging 5 mins or 5 days 1 minute to 5 days
Redact messaging Unlimited Unlimited
Character limit for messages 4096 10000
Image attachments Up to 1280px Up to 1920px
Calling Features
Ciphr Lite
Ciphr Text
Group voice calls
Coming soon
Use of relay server
Coming soon
One-to-one voice calls Up to 5 mins Unlimited voice call durations * Limited to WiFi unless user manages their own data
Security & Privacy Features
Ciphr Lite
Ciphr Text
Disable Ciphr Lite interactions
Option to block all interactions with Ciphr Lite
Private Clipboard
Composite Key
Encrypted Backups
CT contacts, CM contacts & CV notes
Force Lock After
10 minutes to 60 minutes
Additional password hashing
Advanced password security
Tap to read/hide messages
Coming soon Message not visible until tapped
Locked ephemeral messages and attachments
Coming soon Messages & attachments locked from sharing and only viewed once
End-to-end encryption
PQ-ECC for messages and calls
User-controlled keys
Perfect forward secrecy
Password entry required
App Auto-Lock After
Maximum password attempts
Disable Ciphr Calling
Block contacts
Account Features
Ciphr Lite
Ciphr Text
Light theme
Anonymous Ciphr Mail address
Included with Ciphr Mail
No email or phone number required for activation
Anonymous CID
Custom alias
Contact icons
Assign contact colors
Dark theme
Ciphr Partners Advantage
Ciphr Lite
Ciphr Text
MDM Deployment
Exclusively through Ciphr Partners
Data plans
Exclusively through Ciphr Partners
VPN Access
Exclusively through Ciphr Partners
Mobile devices
Exclusively through Ciphr Partners
Support FAQ FAQ & Support Desk
Exclusively through Ciphr Partners
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