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Ciphr Calling: Voice, Video, & Group Calls

Calling is Coming to Ciphr

Prioritizing security in the apps you use shouldn’t limit what they’re capable of. As a secure communication app, we’re giving you more ways to connect with your network while protecting your privacy.

Ciphr is introducing encrypted calling.

Soon you can move the conversation from messages to calls with clear, end-to-end encrypted calling. There is a time and a place for messages, emails, or calls. With Ciphr, the choice is yours.

Voice and video calls
Make end-to-end encrypted calls to Ciphr contacts through Ciphr Text.

Group calls
Enjoy the same protection for group calls of up to 5 participants.

Wi-Fi or data calling
Wi-Fi or data calling options available.

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Ciphr’s calling security

For anyone with high-security requirements, it’s risky to make phone calls using your mobile device's phone app or unsecured 3rd party apps. Unencrypted data travels through cell towers and networks on its way to your fellow call participant. Leaving plenty of opportunity for eavesdropping, call recording, or data collection.

End-to-end encrypted calling encrypts the data generated during a phone call to protect the privacy of your call.

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Ciphr's calling feature puts security at the forefront:

  • PQ-ECC for call establishment.
  • ECC-P256 key exchange for TLS with AES-256 encryption for data in transit.
  • Ephemeral keys delete as soon as the connection is established (new encryption key for every call).
  • Peer-to-peer calling means no servers transmit call data.

How to get Ciphr Calling

Ciphr Calling is currently in BETA testing - but we're not far from a general release!

When our first release is available, Ciphr users who update the Ciphr Text app will have access to calling. You can expect to start placing 1-to-1 voice calls over Wi-Fi with all encryption features enabled. New features will be enabled in each Ciphr update.

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