Step 1
Turn on the Android device (Blackberry Android or Samsung device with Knox), select the preferred language and press "START" or "LET'S GO"
Step 2
Once on the Wifi selection screen, you must connect to a Wifi. This step is mandatory. Once connected, hit "NEXT".
Step 3
In the Terms and Conditions screen, only select "End user License Agreement" and "Privacy Policy" then hit "NEXT".
Step 4
In the Add your account screen, input AFW#BLACKBERRY then hit "NEXT".
Step 5
In the Google services screen, toggle everything to OFF and hit "NEXT".
Step 6
In the Android for Work screen, you will be prompted to install the BB UEM Client, hit "NEXT". Then hit "Install".
Step 7
Hit “I Agree” on the Blackberry Client End User Agreement.
Step 8
Hit “OK” to permit the UEM Client to manage the device.
Step 9
Allow the UEM Client to manage calls.
Step 10
Input the “BES Email” and press “Next”.
Step 11
Input the password “start” and hit “Activate my device” to start the UEM setup.
Step 12
The UEM client will go through the Activation stages.
Step 13
Hit “Next” to agree to activate the device administrator. Then hit “Activate”.
Step 14
Put the checkmark then hit “Confirm” on the KLMS page.
Step 15
You will then be prompted to create a device password. Make sure it is at least 10 characters long including Lowercase letter, Uppercase letter, Number and Symbol.
Step 16
Select to “Hide content” for the lock screen notifications.
Step 17
The UEM client should now show “Compliant” and the apps should shortly appear on the device.
Step 18
Once the apps have downloaded, Click on “Ciphr Mail”.
Step 19
Input the “Ciphr Activation Code” and this will start the set-up of the Ciphr suite.
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