The best encrypted app for messaging, calling, email and storage.

Next-level encrypted communication

End-to-End Encryption

Ensure only you and the people you're communicating with can access communication data


Protect your message & call data from future quantum attacks.

Brute-Force Protection

Prevent online and offline brute-force attacks by securing your data stored in Ciphr with Composite Key.

Perfect Forward Secrecy

Encrypt each message with a unique encryption key for deeper protection of your chats.

User Controlled Keys

Private encryption keys are stored locally on your device. Only you have access to your data.

Secure Endpoints

VPN access, strict TLS configuration, and pinned certificates.

Ciphr Mail

Send encrypted emails and manage your inbox behind security-first features.

Ciphr Text

Secure communication app with messaging & calling, and more than just end-to-end encryption.

Ciphr Vault

Protect digital assets like notes and photos with AES-256 encryption.

Post-Quantum Cryptography: The future of data protection.

The arrival of quantum computers is expected to jeopardize the integrity of future and historical encrypted content, assuming this data has, or is now, being collected.

Ciphr Text, Ciphr’s secure communication app, defends you against these threats using Post-Quantum Elliptic Curve Cryptography (PQ-ECCTM), an industry leading security offering that encrypts each message with a Post-Quantum (PQ) key in addition to the strongest Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) and key exchanges.


The best privacy apps soon compatible with all your favorite platforms

The best privacy apps soon
compatible with all your
favorite platforms.

Windows PC
Apple MacOS
Privacy-first features with Ciphr's encrypted apps
Self-Destructing Messages
Set messages and emails to self-destruct after a pre-defined amount of time.
Zero-Knowledge Group
Ciphr Text gives each contact in the group an anonymous alias.
Copy and paste without the use of OS clipboards to keep data secured in Ciphr.

The most secure voice and video calls

Move text conversations to calls with confidence. Ciphr Text, our flagship encrypted communication app, uses world-leading end-to-end encryption to secure phone calls and video chats to keep your conversation private.

PQ-ECC protection for calling

Each phone call and video chat is uniquely protected with Post-Quantum Elliptic Curve Cryptography and ephemeral keys which delete as soon as the connection is established.

Keep your conversations anonymous and private with Ciphr Text

Combining security and ease of use to make data privacy easy.

Why Ciphr?

What are Ciphr’s top features & protocols?

There are many to choose from! If we had to pick, Post-Quantum protection (PQ-ECC) and Composite Key Brute-Force Protection (CKBFP) are two of many security features that make Ciphr the best privacy apps for Android.

What makes the Ciphr suite the best encrypted app?

We believe the Ciphr suite is the best encrypted app because we use a “defence in-depth” security strategy. We don’t rely on just one security feature or protocol to keep your data secure. Ciphr has multiple layers so that you can be confident your data is protected against various attacks.

What offerings does Ciphr currently have?

Ciphr has two offerings: the Ciphr suite and Ciphr Lite.

The Ciphr suite includes Ciphr Text, Ciphr Mail and Ciphr Vault, which are all offered on Android under one subscription and only available from Ciphr Partners. Ciphr has the best privacy apps for Android. Our encrypted apps for iPhone (iOS) are in the pipeline for 2021.

Ciphr Lite is the best free secure messaging app. It also supports calling, and has post-quantum protection. You can download Ciphr Lite for mobile or desktop here.

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